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Ellie Jones had pioneering jaw and dental surgery, it changed her life

When it comes to physical looks, people get to an age where they realize that it’s not everything that makes a person who s/he is. Of course, we can’t discount the fact that when it comes to young ones, that is not the truth. For them, any irregularity or deformity can make them a “pariah”, a social outcast to their peers. Ellie Jones knows this well and her story will show you just how looks can change a person for the better.

Now at about 22 years of age, Ellie Jones was born with a congenital facial deformity which made her teeth unaligned.



When she was 14, the “ugly duckling” was fitted with braces. Her orthodontist noticed something peculiar, her jaw stopped growing when she was 8-years-old!



Because of the findings, she was taken to a maxillofacial surgeon who changed her life.



Ellie was only 16 when surgeons operated on her for the first time. She recalled that it was so painful that she wasn’t able to talk for a long time. Additionally, she said that she had to go on a liquid diet and the only way for her to communicate was with a notepad.



Eventually, she was able to mumble a few words and even after that, she had a lisp.

Here’s the thing though! After 6 months of that, it was her prom and she looked good!



A year after that, she had corrective surgery on her chin.



Because of the operations, she said that is now more confident and she now feels ‘normal’. Her confidence shows with her dancing and now, she wants to capture beauty by becoming a photographer.

Now that her confidence has grown, Ellie Jones blossomed into a beautiful young lady, according to her mom.


Emma Woolley, Ellie Jones’ surgeon, said that not all people with a jaw deformities realize their condition right away.

If not treated at a young age, it can cause real problems later in life. She added that she’s happy that the treatment made a difference and it gave Ellie Jones what she needed to break out of her shell

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