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Bettina Carlos reveals she fears the day her daughter would ask “Who’s my dad?”

Children have the wildest imaginations, and they also ask the most probing, piercing questions. Sometimes, they have questions that stump even the wisest of adults. At times, we just don’t know how to answer a child’s query.

For Bettina Carlos, there is one question she’s been dreading to her from her beloved daughter.

See, she has been raising her 7-year-old daughter Gummy as a solo parent. Some years ago, the smart girl started to ask her questions. However, the question she is most scared of hearing is, “Who is my dad?” Any solo parent surely understands how difficult a question this is.

Still, Bettina Carlos understands that the norm is having two parents, and she wouldn’t be able to blame her daughter if she starts wondering where her father is.

Gummy had come close, too. A few years back, she had already asked Bettina Carlos, “How do you make babies?” This is another question that stumps most adults, Bettina included.

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“Ang explanation ko, ‘Ahhh… you know, when you have a partner…’” 

Understandably, it came with a follow-up question from Gummy:

‘Who’s your partner?’

That’s when Bettina Carlos started to get nervous, not knowing what to say:

“Hindi ko alam kung paano sagutin! Na off-guard ako, e. Then eventually, she asked.”

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For all single mothers out there, Bettina understands just how dreadful this question is, but begs you also consider:

“It’s something that we are responsible for because it will complete them, e. That’s a piece, a puzzle of their life that we can’t forever withhold from them because it will complete them.

“Just take it one question at a time. And when you’re not ready, basing it on the emotionally capacity of your child to absorb and understand…You just take it one step at a time.”

For Bettina’s part, she simply told Gummy she’d have to wait until she’s a little bit older for her question to be answered.

Fortunately, the young girl understood.

“…she knows that there are things that I can answer and there are those that I cannot yet and she understands why. They say lang naman when kids ask, you just answer their question,” Bettina explained.


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SOURCE: Pilipino Scoop

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