Sen. Chiz Escudero prepares breakfast for Heart Evangelista and her fans

Family and food go hand-in-hand. As they say, food is the best way to a man’s heart. For Senator Chiz Escudero‘s version, food is the way to his wife Heart’s heart.

Following the news that Heart Evangelista is already pregnant are news stating that the Chiz prepared breakfast for his wife.

This news came out when Youtube channel “Pinoy Showbiz Latest” uploaded a video that showed Chiz preparing breakfast for Heart and her fans.

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In the background, you could hear Heart saying:

“My husband is cooking breakfast for Heartworld (her fanbase).”

They would do an outreach program in celebration of the 20 years of establishment of Heartworld.

Spotted in the video is a dedication cake from Heartworld with the message:

“Congratulations! Your family is growing by 2 feet. From Heartworld”

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Here are some of the netizens’ comments:

Check out the video below!

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