Jessica Soho finds out if money eaten and damaged by termites is still useful

Saving money is part of becoming financially responsible with your income. As earning a living becomes harder each day, it’s only right that we prepare for the future. But sometimes, unfortunate things happen that can take all our hard-earned money away. “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” featured the stories of people who lost their savings all because of termites.

There are people who think that it’s better to hold on to their savings than go to the bank. However, they forget to take necessary precautions to prevent such heartbreaking instances. Jessica Soho shared the frustrating experiences of Jem Lemuel Ramos and Jennilyn Badilde.

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Jem Ramos invested in his sister’s food cart business, hoping to have enough money to buy his own one day. The young man managed to save PHP 20,000 from his investment. But instead of going straight to the bank, Jem decided to keep it in a wallet which he then hid under a pile of clothes.

But sadly, as the money was left unattended, termites began to eat their way through Jem’s hard-earned money. When the time came for the young man to check his savings, he was heartbroken to see it chewed up. Jem confessed that it taught him a valuable lesson he won’t forget.

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Jennilyn Badilde was also a victim of these pesky bugs. She was saving money to buy a dress for her graduation ball but it turns out that putting all her savings inside a bamboo piggy bank was a bad idea. Jennilyn said that she tried to go to banks to hopefully replace the half-eaten bills but they refused.

Luckily, the show connected them to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The bank’s representative enlightened us about salvaging damaged money. Check to see if the important signatures are there. Plus, make sure that the serial number is intact if your bills are split in half.

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