Student who got suspended surprises family with graduation announcement

Hardworking parents and guardians have long since waited for their child’s graduation. This is because of the belief that education is the most precious gift that a parent can give to his/her child. It is a fulfillment of their obligation as a mother or father to their sons and daughters.

However, there isn’t one known and standard pace in this great task. Graduation, especially college graduation is really not easy. Some take longer than the rest, while others would rather not graduate at all.

And for a select few, there are various bumps in the road that may hinder them from finishing college. Or so they think.

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Take netizen, Hanss Mujica for example.

He wasn’t a star student. He wasn’t the best in class. He even encountered that “bump in the road.” But he proved to be better than himself and made his family proud.




Hanss Mujica shared his story on Facebook and how he was able to surprise his family.

He wrote:

“They’ve always said that the greatest gift you can ever gift your parents, is the gift of education. I’ve planned for this moment for so long and it finally came. A few years ago, I was suspended from the university. Yes. I’m not afraid to admit it. The look on my parents face of disappointment was truly unbearable. I told myself that day that I would never do anything to ever disappoint them again.”

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Yes, you read it right. Hanss once got suspended, to the disappointment of his parents. They did not know that he was graduating, and so gave them the surprise of their lives!









Hanss Mujca shared on Facebook that when he got suspended from the university, he will be a better son. Once he reached that goal he planned the surprise for his family.

He told them to come over for an innocent “family photoshoot.” His clueless family didn’t know that he was about to announce his graduation.

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He gave them an envelope that contained tickets for his graduation ceremony. He even dressed up in a toga to complete the surprise!




Sure enough, the surprise was a success! He is truly an inspiration to every person who is trying to change for the better.

At the time of writing, his story has gained 114,000 reactions and 48,541 shares on Facebook.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Hanss Mujica on Tuesday, May 15, 2018


SOURCE: Kicker Daily News

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