Dedicated father carries his disabled son and walks 18 miles to school everyday

Nothing could ever replace a father’s love for his child. They will go through anything just to make sure their children get what they need. Working tirelessly for hours wouldn’t be as taxing so long as they know that they’re providing for their kids. Such was the heartbreaking story of a Chinese man who walks 18 miles a day while carrying his son on his back.

Yu Xukang‘s wife left 13 years ago leaving him to take care of Xiao Qiang – their disabled son. Since then, Yu Xukang worked extra hard to make sure Xiao Qiang has everything he needs. When it was time for him to start going to school, nearby institutions did not accept him.

He once said:

I know my son is physically disabled but there is nothing wrong with his mind.

Sadly, only one school willingly accepted Xiao but there was one problem: the school was 18 miles away from their home. Yu wanted to make sure his son gets a proper education so when school started, he made sure his son had proper transport to school—his back.

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Yu wakes up at five AM every day to prepare food for his son to eat during lunchtime. Then, he wakes up his son and helps him to get ready. After that’s over, the two will set off on their daily journey to Xiang’s school.

The hard-working father’s journey doesn’t end after he brings his son to school. He goes back to their town to continue working to earn money to help feed them and buy their basic needs.

Thankfully, his efforts will not go to waste because Xiang is a bright student. He goes ahead of his classmates and remains on top of the class

Despite being 12 he’s just 90 cm tall. But I am proud of the fact that he is already top of his class and I know he will achieve great things. My dream is that he will go to college.

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