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Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Check out the busty problem of Aljon Dioquino

When it comes to a woman, having ample bosoms is a certified blessing. But, when it comes to man, having ample bosoms is a certified nightmare. Case in point – this is the obvious problem of a 26-year-old man named Aljon Dioquino.

Based on the narrative from the hit series from GMA-7 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”, the problematic man with an unusual bust size revealed his struggles throughout the years.

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According to him, he was just 18-years-old when he started noticing the odd growth of chest.

“Syempre noong pataba ako ng pataba, napapansin ko na lumalaki rin iyong sa dibdib ko. Hanggang ngayon po, napapansin ko na sobrang laki na niya.”

In his defense, he didn’t inject any chemical substances that might trigger the enlargement of his man boobs. Moreover, he revealed how his rare health condition affected his self-esteem.

“Hindi po ako makalabas ng bahay ng magi. Nahihiya po ako lalo na po kapang mayroon po na nakakakita na bata. Para po sa akin, masakit po talaga.”

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But what makes him even sadder is that fact that most people mistook him for a lesbian. Aside from that, he also shared how it hindered him from achieving his dreams in life.

“Mayroon po na time na mayroon po akong makaksabay tapos tatanungin ako: ‘Uy, tomboy ka ba? Bakit ganyan ang dede mo?”

Following his heartbreaking tale, he even admitted that he had never been to a medical specialist. So, as it turned out, he just used all the best way possible to hide his secret.

“Nagpapayat po ako kaso mas lalo po nahalata. Para lang po akong sumeksing tomboy sa tingin ng mga tao.”

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But, despite his undeniable busty problem, he eventually met a 28-year-old woman named Virginia Espiritu who accepted him wholeheartedly. As of now, they are currently in their second year as a romantic couple.

At the end of the documentary, Dr. Monica Cabral, an endocrinologist, found out that he has a “pseudogynecomastia” – the enlargement of the male breast due to the excessive adipose tissue (fat)

Watch the Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho below!

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