Kris Aquino brushes off netizen’s taunts about Karla Estrada’s Bistek photo

Kris Aquino is once again at the center of controversy. How many times have you read that this year? One time too many, perhaps, but it rings true once again. This time, it’s all because of a family photo on Instagram.

It all started when Karla Estrada posted a photo of QC Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista together with his beautiful family. The snap appeared to have been taken during a family outing. What was conspicuous about it was its timing, coming so soon after Kris did a thing.


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What did the Queen of All Media do?

Kris Aquino was at the press conference for her upcoming film, “I Love You, Hater,” when a reporter complimented her about her slimmer physique. This prompted the multimedia mastermind to explain that she was getting fit in order to get back at an ex. The identity of said ex?

“o, eto, Hashtag, Mayor, this is what you’re missing.”

It doesn’t take a detective to realize who she’s referring to.

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Now, back to Karla Estrada’s Instagram photo. Netizens were understandably curious about the photo, considering the context. Some of them tried to get Kris Aquino to engage with Karla Estrada by tagging the former in the post’s comments section.

Kris, however, brushed the taunts away and said:

“I’m smart enough to know this ‘person’ is a fake follower/supporter wanting to cast me in a bad light kung pumatol ako—sorry but let’s not play that game.”

All this over a family photo? Is that really necessary?


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