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Check out these celebrities who used to be rich and famous

Celebrities often come and go. Some make a conscious choice to leave the showbiz spotlight so they can lead quiet and peaceful lives with their families. Others choose to venture into other things for their bread and butter, trying out their luck outside the world of showbiz. Unfortunately, every so often, there are also celebrities whose spotlights just really dimmed down, causing them to lead less-than-glamorous lives.

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Take a look at these celebrities who used to be rich and famous, but have now hit rock bottom:

1. BB Gandanghari

Previously named Rustom Padilla, BB Gandanghari admitted on national TV that she was gay when she joined Pinoy Big Brother in 2006. She is the sibling of famous celebrities Robin Padilla and Rommel Padilla, making her a part of the famous Padilla clan. In 2016, BB legally changed her name and gender identity. Now, she is chasing her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress, supporting herself by becoming an Uber driver.

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2. Deborah Sun

A household name in the 80’s, Deborah somehow just faded away from the limelight. In 2015, the former actress admitted that she was having financial problems. There were also allegations that her son was abusing illegal substances, but Deborah vehemently denied these claims. Instead, she said her son was sent to rehab for depression.

3. Mystica

Mystica had a good life when she left the showbiz industry. She was a hotel’s managing director, earning PHP 150,000 a month. Unfortunately, she lost her job after she openly voiced her criticism of President Duterte. Now, Mystica and her partner are struggling to make ends meet.

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