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44-year-old mom graduates alongside her two kids today

Parents usually accompany their children as proud witnesses of their hard work during graduation day. However, this time around, a mom attended her kids’ commencement exercises not to be part of the audience. Instead, to fulfill what has long been her dream since she stopped going to school 24 years ago.

Lorelei Aquino, 44, at last received her diploma in B.S. in Business Management from University of the Philippines. She graduated today alongside her two wonderful children.


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Aquino, who initially pursued her college studies in the same university, was held back by only one subject: calculus. And so, drawing inspiration from the son and daughter, the parent decided to enroll herself in school. She first entered UP’s extended school in Clark, Pampanga.

When she failed to pass in her first attempt, Aquino took another shot in the university’s Diliman campus.

“In hindsight, I realized that if my teacher gave me an undeserved passing grade out of pity or sympathy, my high regard for UP would be shattered.”

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Looking back at her endeavor, Aquino said that one of the hardest  parts was the “humiliation of being tutored by her son”. As a parent, she admitted that she wasn’t used to their roles being reversed.

“He was often my shock absorber cum emotional punching bag especially when I would get frustrated due to a difficult lesson, but, as a parent, I had been used to doing the teaching to my children. It should not be the other way around.”

Despite the road being uneven, she still managed to finish what she started with the support of her family.

Aside from the mom, the son and daughter also closed off this school year both with flying colors.



Meanwhile, thousands of netizens express their disbelief in Aquino’s rare but super inspiring story.


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