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Excited students urged their young teacher to dance in front of them

School might be the bane of any young student’s life – but these same students can’t help but be appreciative of a “cool” teacher. Being young, impressionable students once, you know that you would’ve appreciated someone who wasn’t strict. Fortunately, the country has been raising up great educators that know how to go with the flow. Case in point – a young teacher whose dancing video is going viral as we speak!

Facebook page “Pinoy Top 10” shared a heartwarming video that quickly gained views. It showed energetic and excited students shouting at their teacher at the top of their little lungs.

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One would think that these unruly kids were bullying the instructor. Due to the audio being unclear, you never know what they were shouting. However, everything seemed to be fine because it appeared as though the teacher didn’t get mad.

She calmly fixed her visual aids, even asking a student’s help to fold the visual aids. Some netizens observed that the class may have already concluded. This explains why the teacher wasn’t angry like we thought.

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Then the shouts eventually become clearer. It appears as though these kids want their teacher to dance in front of them. We have a feeling that this young woman is a talented dancer judging by how her class pushed her.

After a few minutes of persuading, the lady gives in and begins to move her body. And girl, she was a mighty fine dancer! We understand why the students were all going nuts when she gave in. Her technique, her lines, and her confidence were all amazing!

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the post:

You can watch the video below:

Ang Galing ni Teacher ko!!

"WALA KAYO SA TEACHER KO"Nagsigawan ang mga estudyante ni ma'am ng pagbigyan nya itong sumayaw sa harap nila.. Go Go! Ma'am.. (y) nakaka good vibes ang galing mo! hehe.ccto

Posted by Pinoy Top 10 on Friday, June 22, 2018

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