Juliana Gomez will break traditions on her upcoming 18th birthday celebration

In the Philippines, a young woman’s 18th birthday is considered as one of the most important days of her life. As she formally steps into adulthood, her family and friends celebrate her special day with her. Normally, debutantes celebrate their 18th with a cotillion. However, Richard Gomez‘ only daughter, Juliana Gomez is breaking from tradition in her upcoming debut party.

In a PEP interview, Richard told the public that he respects her daughter’s decision of breaking the age-old cotillion tradition. Instead, Juliana will be throwing a less formal party for her and her friends to enjoy.

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Juliana’s mother, Lucy Torres-Gomez also agreed with her husband and daughter’s decision. She said that because it’s her daughter’s special day, she has the right to call the shots.

“She doesn’t want a traditional na parang cotillion, gano’n. I’m sure, there will be a program of sorts.”


Furthermore, the congresswoman explained that Juliana is easy to manage. She added that even while she was younger, she was never the type to throw tantrums when things don’t go her way.

Lucy revealed that Juliana is a timid young woman. However being the only child of two big names in the country’s politics and show business, she learned to become more accommodating to the public.

According to Lucy, Juliana is more comfortable with people she’s familiar with especially the citizens of Ormoc, Leyte.

“Mahiyain pa rin ‘yan, but she’s comfortable with people familiar to her. She grew up with these faces.”

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The supportive mom also shared how Juliana Gomez confessed to having mastered the art of pretending she doesn’t understand adult conversations. She said her daughter would pretend to be busy while her parents talk to her ninong John Estrada.

She recalled that John usually shares his escapades with her and Richard, thinking that the young Juliana has not deciphered their code.

“Naaalala ko pa lahat ng kalokohan ni Ninong John, mama.”

Juliana will be celebrating her 18th on September 8, 2018. She and her parents did not reveal any more details about the party. Recently, she performed a dance number for her fellow Ormoc citizens.

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