Netizen warns others of the dangers of viral conjunctivitis

A netizen took to Facebook to share her experience with viral conjunctivitis and the dangers that it brings when contracted.

According to Andy Catap, she had to learn the hard way that the said eye disease is not a joke. She said her mind was too preoccupied with other things that she began neglecting her eyes. Andy said her eyes were always unprotected from dirt, pollution, and even make-up.

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Web MD tells us that conjunctivitis is the “inflammation of the thin clear tissue that lies over the white part of the eye”. Also known as ‘pink eye‘, it is highly contagious, but rarely serious.

At first, when her eyes started turning red, the netizen said she thought it was an ordinary case of sore eyes. However, as days passed, her vision took a turn for the worse.

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Andy wrote:

“… naglalabo na paningin ko at masakit na mata ko kahit sa konting liwanag lang huhu ang sakit sakit padin at nakakahiya parin lumabas kasi sobrang pula padin na parang dumudugo kasi yung mga ugat daw sumabog kaya ganito siya.”

She then reminded everyone to take care of their eyes so as to avoid contracting viral conjunctivitis.

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