WATCH: Patrick Garcia and daughter Chelsea dance to Momoland’s ‘Bboom Bboom’ in this adorable video!

Children will only be young once. That’s why former actor Patrick Garcia makes sure to make the most out of his daughter’s childhood. Recently, a very cute video of him and his eldest Chelsea circulated the internet.

The father and daughter duo showed off their dance moves to the tune of the popular K-Pop song, “Bboom Bboom.” The Momoland hit became popular through its quirky dance steps and adorable choreography. Moreover, Patrick and Chelsea made sure to give justice to the viral song.


Chelsea or Michelle Celeste is Patrick’s daughter to his non-showbiz spouse, Nikka Garcia. Apart from their eldest, they have two more daughters, Nicole Patrice, and Francisca Pia. Furthermore, the two tied the knot in 2012.

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Nikka admits to being hands-on to her children. She continuously posts photos of her children on her Instagram page, which keeps Patrick’s fans updated with the current happenings to their idol’s family life.

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Patrick Garcia also has a son named Alex Jazz – who is currently staying with his mom, Jennylyn Mercado. The two stars may have separate families, but they get along in raising their son.

Recently, Nikka generated some online buzz when she retaliated to a critical netizen who called her a “bad stepmom” to Alex Jazz. She clarified that she does not share photos of her stepson because she and Patrick prefer to keep their relationship private.

Similarly, Jennylyn and Nikka share a very pleasant relationship with each other. In fact, Nikka even shared a photo of her family on her Instagram page. The photo included Alex Jazz, Jennylyn, and Dennis Trillo.

Netizens showed their reaction on social media:

Watch Patrick and Chelsea’s adorable dance number in the video below:

Dance partners 😜

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