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Rina Navarro posts her last message to the ‘other woman’ of her fiancé

Yesterday, June 24, Rina Navarro finally posted her last message to the alleged ‘other woman’ of her politician fiancé.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Rina shared a blurred photo of her and her beau’s supposed concubine. According to an article by PhilNews, the original photo is of her and Ara Mina, the actress whom Rina accused of being her fiancé’s other woman.

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Rina started her post by writing:

“Today, will be the last day that I will talk about you for this matter. I don’t want you to be famous at my expense in all truth. But I will do this not for anyone else but for me.”

The scorned woman then went on to narrate how she welcomed the actress in her family’s lives, only to have it destroyed when her fiancé cheated on her with the latter.

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Rina also threw some major shade towards the other woman’s way, saying she can ask someone to translate the message in Filipino in case she can’t understand English:

“… just so you know, I am forgiving and I am educated. I hope you can understand my stament [sic]. You can have translated in Tagalog incase mahirapan ka intindihin. I am ready anytime to face you, if you want to take that road.”

Read her full message here:

Well, it looks like Rina Navarro is more than ready to face the future.

Here are some comments from netizens:

Watch the video below:

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