UP Graduate couple showed that their love is greater than the distance between them

It feels so good to have your loved ones present during your biggest life moments – like college graduation. When University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio alumnae Allanah Juene Bellen finished her Biology degree, the love of her life, Ludwig Dasalla came to celebrate with her.

During Allanah’s graduation, the two shared a beautiful and touching moment when Ludwig pinned her ‘sablay’ for her. Since then the two looked forward to the time when Allanah would do the same for her beau. He shared on Twitter:

“June 22, 2017 – Sablay 2017. You said ‘A year from now, we’ll be having another moment just like this. Let that be an inspiration.’ I did.”


Ludwig made sure to do well during his last year in college as he looked forward to having the same moment with Allanah during their graduation rites. They initially planned to be a doctor together, reaching every milestone of their careers in the arms of one another. However, fate tested their relationship when Allanah moved to the United States last month.

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Regardless of the distance between them, the couple maintained a healthy long-distance relationship. Ludwig even messaged his girlfriend with a sweet “I’ll see you tomorrow,” the night before his graduation.

” I was very devasted to not be there for him as he was for me last year but in the small ways that I could, I tried to be there in spirit. We are both looking forward to the day when we will be able to recreate what couldn’t for now.”

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Despite being absent, Allanah made sure Ludwig still felt special on his big day.  She surprised him with flowers and a love letter which her mother and brother gave him right after his rites.

As of writing, Ludwig Tweet gathered 10 thousand retweets and 65 thousand likes. Their love story shows that love is greater than any distance.

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Source: Twitter | When In Manila
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