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Dingdong Avanzado fell victim to thieves while in the US

No matter how prepared we are when we step out of our homes, we can never truly tell when danger will strike. We can make whatever preparations we can to avoid being victimized: such as being aware of our surroundings and learning self-defense. However, there will be times when we will face unfortunate and unexpected situations. Recently, OPM hit-maker and icon Dingdong Avanzado shared via Instagram his unforgettable andfrightening experience in Vallejo, California.

Furthermore, he revealed he was a victim of a robbery that completely left him in shock.

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In his lengthy revelation, he said that the thief completely shattered his car windows in order to steal his personal belongings inside his car.

“Took me awhile to post. This is what caused me so much stress over the weekend. My body bag stole along with my wallet, drivers license, some cash and some credit cards.

Luckily, no one was harmed from this incident. According to him,  he just felt slightly traumatized by what happened to him.

“Thankfully, no one hurt. Just felt a little bit traumatized by this incident. It really is sad that this has become more rampant in this day and age. wishing this won’t happen to any of my friends and family.”

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Kapamilya actor Xian Lim, on the other hand, commented on his Instagram post. According to him, he felt relieved upon knowing that everyone is safe. He said:

“Bad trip! Buti nalang no one got hurt! Bahala na ang dyos sa kanila.”

Dingdong Avanzado replied to his fellow celebrity and said that he just hopes that that law enforcement authorities will able to track down whoever did it.

“You said it right. Thing is the authorities can actually track down who did it. The question is will they? It’s such a common thing here nowadays that they won’t even bother to apprehend the perp/s.”

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Source: Philippine Entertainment Portal 
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