Netizen on “taph taph” meme: “It was never funny”

All Facebook users are most likely familiar with the “taph taph” meme, and, while we’re at it, most people think that it’s hilarious. However, for a certain Patrice Moral, turning a guy diagnosed with down syndrome into a joke was never funny. If anything, it’s both mortifying and upsetting, especially for those who know him personally, like herself.

On Sunday, Moral, who goes by the username Patrizzus, called out those who encourage such pranks through a tirade of tweets.

“The [taph taph] meme has to stop. I literally just messaged a friend on Facebook to take down her post. Having to explain to someone why it’s bad just made me lose my faith in humanity. WTF.”

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Apparently, Moral happens to know the social media sensation through a friend. Speaking on his behalf, she said that she feels hurt every time someone makes fun of the young man online.

“Mabait ‘yan. I just don’t want him being ridiculed for having down syndrome & people laughing at him makes my heart hurt. Also, please consider his family’s feelings. It’s hard enough that [name redacted for confidentiality] has a disability and now, their son has been turned into a meme.”

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Meanwhile, Moral’s statements were easily met with support from her fellow tweeps.

One commentator who failed to see the point said that Moral can’t do anything to stop the existence of the meme entirely.

All things considered, Moral was thankful to those who helped pass the important message onto others.

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