Shanti Dope’s camp explains why his guest performance at the Ex-B concert was cancelled

Shanti Dope’s camp has finally released an official statement detailing why the rap star won’t be appearing as a guest performer in the upcoming Ex-Battalion anniversary concert.

According to the statement coursed through Shanti’s manager, Thea Gomez-Pollisco, there is no truth to the allegations that the rapper is ‘too big a star to be part of the said concert’.

This was in response to a “Cabinet Files” column written by Jojo Gabinete of Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), which claims that Shanti’s camp cancelled his guesting because their conditions could not be met.

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The pertinent part of the official statement reads:

“Mr. Gabinete’s article states: (1) that Shanti’s management did not want him to guest in the concert; (2) that Shanti’s management suggested a back-to-back concert instead; and (3) that Shanti’s management asked for a solo number for Shanti. These all point to the accusation that we think Shanti is now too big a star to be part of the said concert.”

Polliscoso then debunked these allegations one by one. Furthermore, she added that it was actually the concert producers themselves who cancelled Shanti Dope’s participation. This was after the rapper’s camp refused to allow him to add another collab number which was not in the contract:

“… on June 24, organizers suddenly requested for an additional collaboration number. This is not an easy request to say yes to because a collab means an additional day for rehearsals—a day that would mean Shanti will miss school, which means informing his mother, who will then inform his teachers about his absence.”

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However, Polliscoso claims that when they informed the organizers of their concerns, they merely cancelled Shanti Dope’s appearance.

The official statement ended with a reminder that the rap star’s camp will never apologize for putting his studies before his young music career. “To us, it is clear what Shanti’s priorities should be,” it read.

Here are some comments from netizens:

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