Anne Curtis on pregnancy rumor: “It’s just the angle. And also, all the egg tarts I ate” 

Most people automatically assume and expect an incoming child whenever there is a newly married couple. Although there is nothing wrong about that, forcing and pressuring a married couple to make babies ASAP is not something people should impose on others. Just take the celebrity couple Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff for example.

Earlier this week, the 33-year-old Kapamilya actress and TV host resurrected the pregnancy rumor again after her unflattering image circulated on social media. Instead of appreciating the picture, the vast majority of her fans immediately reacted to her speculated weight gain. Moreover, they even said that it might be a “baby bump.” 

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Recently, the Heussaffs, together with Anne Curtis and Nico Bolzico, traveled to Portugal to attend the matrimonial union of a family’s friend. Surprisingly, there were a handful of Instagram updates from them.




But, in the turn of the situation, one netizen captured the attention of the Kapamilya star. As seen on the shared image, the social media user trolled Anne Curtis by writing a hilarious caption which was obviously speculating about her pregnancy.

‘I think she is preggy. She will announce it at her concert. happy for you, Anne!” 

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Anne Curtis, on the other hand, got no chill on her response towards her. Clapping back in the funniest way possible. she directly blamed the unflattering camera angle and egg tarts that she ate.

“It’s just the angle. And also, all the egg tarts I ate.” 

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