Limbless beggar touches the hearts of many Facebook users

People often complain about the small stuff. We’re too busy focusing on the negative and forget to feel grateful for the things we have. We see every problem as mountains too difficult to move that we start losing hope. However, if one looks at his neighbors, he will realize that other people are suffering more pain that he is. A Facebook user puts things in perspective on the viral photos he recently posted.

Netizen Alyas Glaze was walking around the streets of Quezon City when he noticed something unusual. One of the street beggars seemed to be a little too short than average. As he approached him, he noticed that said beggar does not really lack the height but instead, he didn’t have legs.

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Alyas Glaze added that despite having the short stick, the man does not seem to show any sign of giving up. He added that the man should serve as an inspiration to other people without disabilities to strive harder.

The netizen didn’t give the full identity of the beggar. However, he said that this particular man could be found on the streets of EDSA corner Aurora Boulevard. He added that the poor man stays in the same spot rain or shine and asks for alms to help feed his family.

No further details were given about the beggar, but it was clear in the photos posted that he only has his upper torso. The concerned Facebook user called for others to help the unidentified man in case they pass by. Others even confirmed they often spot him around the same area. Here’s what the internet had to say:

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Source: Facebook
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