Raffy Tulfo In Action: OFW mother, son stand up against perv father

We can all agree that the ultimate tragedy is not the cruelty of wicked people but rather the option of silence from concerned individuals. In fact, an absolute silence over a serious matter can lead a person into an unimaginable situation.

Case in point – this is what happened to “Alias Benedict” who decided to stay silent throughout the years. Now that his younger sister is in great danger, he finally stood up against his perv father in the latest episode of “Raffy Tulfo In Action”.

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Based on the narrative taken from him, he revealed that his father used to make untoward erotic advances to him during his younger years. Moreover, the term “nilalaro” is an allusion to his male genitalia.

“Simula po noong nasa Davao City tayo sa bahay natin, nilalaro niyo po noon.”

Soon after the revelation, he, then, backed it up with an anecdote.

“Sigurado po ako. Noong nag-iinuman po sila Papa… Mga 9-years-old o 10-years-old po ata ako… tapos noong umuwi din po kami sa isa po naming bahay, mayroon din po akong naging experience. Pinaglalaruan niya po…”

The accused father named Wenceslao Enajada, on the other hand, furiously answered and defended himself from the serious claim.

“Kung mapatunayan lang po… Wala po akong ginagawa niyan!”

But, before the law enforcement authorities launched a thorough investigation prior to the heavy allegation, Raffy Tulfo asked “Alias Benedict” over and over again if this serious accusation is true.

To his response, he just said that he was too afraid to open up about it.

Then, during the much-anticipated face-off in Bunawan, Davao City, the conflicting parties went into a very heated debate. Nothing but insults came to their mouths. Moreover, they even exposed the dirty laundries of each other during the intense argument.

With the help of the concerned people, the serious accusations were proven true.

“Based po sa slaysay ng bata po, totoo po na mayroon nangyari sa kanya. First incident po is sa Batangas po noong 9-years-old po siya. Iyong second incident naman po, eh, nangyari rito sa Davao City noong 12-years-old.”  

In the end, Maria Josephine Enajada, the mother, and “Alias Benedict” successfully settled the squabble against Wenceslao Enajada. The OFW mother won the parental custody of her 6-year-old daughter.

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Sa away ng matatanda, ang mga bata ang kawawa.

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