Scarlet Snow Belo breaks down in tears while riding a pig

We can all agree that Scarlet Snow Belo is a vessel of unparalleled cuteness! Whatever she does — crying, laughing, or just even staring —  is obviously adorable!

Recently, the “young master of cuteness” sent social media users into a cheesy meltdown for her latest trending picture on social media. As seen in the viral image, she suddenly broke down in tears after finding out that she was riding a swine in a carousel.

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Accompanied by her celebrity mother Vicki Belo, the 3-year-old kid seemed to not enjoy her carousel ride upon knowing that she was riding a pig rather than the usual horse. Moreover, we can suggest Scarlet Snow Belo was blaming her father for that trickery.

In her Instagram post, she wrote the caption:

“Daddy, this is not a horse! You tricked me! Grrr!”

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Although we never knew what triggered her to break down in tears — it might be the pig or fear of the carousel ride per se, we can all agree that she still looked adorable despite seeing her crying face.

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However, this is not the first time that Scarlet Snow Belo shed a tear for pigs. Earlier this year, she took social media by storm for her viral video about seeing a lechon cut into smithereens.

As seen on the video compilation on Instagram, she suddenly broke down into tears at the sight of a chopped lechon.

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Don’t grow up too fast, Scarlet!

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