Ghost or trick? Playground swing filmed moving on its own

With the advent of social media comes countless horror story posts and ghost sighting videos. Weirdly enough, a number of these videos features swings on playgrounds moving on their own.

Similarly, just a couple of days ago, a video of a “haunted” swing in India caught the attention of many. As seen on the YouTube video, the empty seat was emphatically swinging back and forth for quite some time. After a minute or so, its speed then starts to decrease until it’s completely motionless. Just when the people behind the camera thought that the horror already ended, the swing starts moving again, as if someone was sitting on it. It’s movement clearly mimics a swing being played by someone.

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The swing beside it, on the other hand, remained still throughout the clip.

The video ended with the group of friends running away from the Khyala B Block Park, evidently spooked by what they have witnessed.

Although the video is indeed daunting, it also paved way to a couple of raised brows. Arguably, the video stirred up a debate quicker than President Duterte’s speeches could.

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One YouTube user said that there must’ve been a trick behind the strange swing. His post read,

“Faked.  Probably fishing line tied to the swing. Someone up in tree pulling on it. You guys really need to give it up. Pathetic!”

But some argued that a string or a fishing line couldn’t possibly be able to tug the heavy chains of the swing.

Some also argued that the men behind the video shouldn’t filmed the playground’s surroundings.

“You didn’t pan the camera around to show that no one is around influencing this from a distance so there’s no way to any conclusions based on your video.”

Read some of the comments below:

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See it for yourself! Was it a ghost or not? Watch the video below:

PHOTO SOURCE: 1 – 10 YOUTUBE 1 | 11, 13 – 15 YOUTUBE 2

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