Gretchen Barretto shows off chiller filled with expensive drinks


If you’re like me then you probably enjoy having sleepovers or hang-out sessions at you or your friends’ place. In fact, one of my best dining experiences happened at my best friend’s house. It’s usually because their parents go all-out and splurge on food and treats! Based on her recent Instagram post, Gretchen Barretto is exactly like that!

Close friends of Gretchen Barretto are lucky because they receive great treatment whenever they visit the actress’ home. Whenever there’s a dinner party, it’s guaranteed that she she spares no expense in order to give her guests a wonderful time.

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The same goes for Gretchen Barretto’s daughter, Dominique Cojuangco, whenever she invites her friends to hang out. The former actress’ recent Instagram video boasted a huge drink chiller in their mansion’s cabana area.

You would normally see this appliance inside a supermarket or a convenience store. The chiller was stacked with various canned drinks that are perfect for a hot day. Netizens were able to identify several specialty Coca-Cola products which aren’t usually sold in local stores.

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This gracious host also provided tons of hard drinks fit for a wild night. If that wasn’t enough, Gretchen revealed that she also plans to install an ice cream chiller.

“Here’s making sure my little one [at]dominique & her friends get their craving Satisfied [lips emoji] I’m still in the process of fixing our cabana area [lips emoji] thought of a soda chiller & ice cream freezer, I’ll be posting the ice cream station once it’s done [ice cream emojis] Home [heart emoji]”

Watch the video below:

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