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Julia Barretto competes with a Hawaiian girl for Joshua Garcia’s attention

It seems as though the love shared by Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia is stronger than ever before. People who go through cheating scandals almost never fully recover. However, these two stars showed us the depth of their maturity and ability to forgive.

We’re used to hearing stories about couples who never found their way back from such an experience. It’s not lost to us that some women couldn’t find it in themselves to forgive. If they do, it’s almost sure that they would turn into strict, paranoid girlfriends.


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However, Julia Barretto is the exact opposite! The young actress proved that she has truly forgiven Joshua from the Instagram mishap a few months ago. While they traveled to Hawaii because of their A.S.A.P. duties, the handsome star seemed a bit entranced by a belly dancer performing.

If you’ve ever been cheated on, this simple action definitely raises a few red flags. Julia, on the other hand, playfully tried to refocus Joshua’s attention to her. She started dancing and moving her hips much to the delight of the people they were with.






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The trick proved to be successful while still making a lot of people laugh. If you remember, during the press conference for the movie “I Love You Hater,” Joshua professed his love and faithfulness to Julia. Maybe this is why she is so happy and content?

“I’m sorry if nagkaroon ng (if there was a) mistake, but I promise to be a better man for you, for us.”







Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the story:


Watch the video below:


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