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Maja Salvador is jealous of Arci Muñoz for being Piolo Pascual’s on-screen partner

Piolo Pascual is a god among men and it isn’t surprising how many women would actually fight to be beside him. What surprised us though is the fact that even his leading ladies join in on the battle. We all know that there are certain actresses that Piolo became close to like Maja Salvador and Toni Gonzaga.

But it appears as though there is one woman right now that is at the top of the list. Arci Muñoz is currently Piolo Pascual’s leading lady in the television drama “Since I Found You.” Because of this, social media has been buzzing with photos and videos of how close the two are.

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Although we know that Arci Muñoz is already taken, some can’t help but be jealous. Check out the Instagram videos showing Maja Salvador pretending to be upset with the pair’s new-found closeness.

It turns out that some of the celebrities included in the variety show “A.S.A.P” flew to Hawaii for a show. The three of them were together in a restaurant and as usual, Arci sat beside Piolo while Maja was on the other side.

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The one taking the video urged the “Wildflower” actress to comment on the new woman in Piolo’s life. Of course, this was all pretend but we can’t help but laugh as Maja said that it used to be her. When the “A.S.A.P” team went to London, New York, and Sydney, she was the one beside Papa P but now, she was replaced.

Arci and Piolo wanted to prolong the joke so they acted even sweeter than before. The country’s favorite leading man even kissed his co-star on the cheek! The next videos show Maja holding on to her chopsticks as if she was about to hurt the pair.

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