Nadine Lustre is unbelievably beautiful for her parents’ silver wedding anniversary

Aside from makeup and cosmetic enhancements, I believe that genuine happiness makes a big difference in our appearance. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the photos of Nadine Lustre taken during her parents’ silver wedding anniversary.

This woman’s beauty just snatched our wigs and threw it into oblivion.

We’ve noticed that the young actress’ career has been relatively quiet recently. Most of her fans heard about her incoming projects — such as the upcoming film, “Ulan” — but it’s been quite a few months since she starred in a film. However, the free time has definitely been a benefit to the VIVA artist because she looks so much more relaxed and peaceful nowadays.

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Nice Print Photo released some of these recent photos of Nadine Lustre on Instagram and instantly garnered likes from netizens. Our personal favorite is the family photo that showed how happy she is to be celebrating such a huge milestone with her parents.

The caption on the photo reads:

“So much love in one photo [heart emoji]”

We’re sure you’d agree with us when we say that his hard-working woman deserves to enjoy this special time with her family. After all, these are the people who can easily put a genuine smile on Nadine’s face.

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However, most netizens can’t seem to get over the fact that Nadine Lustre looks so good. The young actress looked absolutely radiant with her clear, flawless skin and the effortless no makeup look. We were also mesmerized with how her beige gown perfectly hugs her toned physique. What a woman, indeed!

While some people can’t help but spread negativity, most of the comments were filled with praises and compliments.

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