Netizen speaks up about fat shaming in our Filipino society on Facebook

As time goes on, our society slowly becomes more tolerant and accepting of people that were once considered “different.” Today, we have events that celebrate the identities of people who were once socially rejected. Many campaigns have appeared all over, empowering women and men of all shapes and sizes worldwide. However, despite the progressive strides our society has experienced, fat shaming still occurs everyday.

This is what one Facebook user observed during her jeepney ride one evening.

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A Facebook user shared how her usual trip home turned into an in-depth look at how we treat each other. She narrated that when the jeepney’s barker called for passengers, he poked fun at a plus-sized people. He said implied that such individuals occupy two seats at the jeepney so everyone must adjust. Clearly, the barker was referring to a specific person in the vehicle.

Passengers inside the jeepney laughed the at the barkers remark but all them fell silent when one plus-sized woman paid for her fare.

“Bayad po, dalawa. Malaki kasi ako.”

The woman’s remark clearly made her fellow passengers people ashamed after making fun of individuals sharing her size. The netizen wrote that our country encourages a culture that continues to reject and criticize heavier people. She added that people who have to point out a person’s size are simply bullies – who get a sense of satisfaction for shaming these plus-sized people.

“Most people who fat-shame excuse their behavior by saying they are just concerned about the person’s health. They aren’t. They are bullies! They’re concerned about getting attention for what they say or the thrill they get in belittling a person.”

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True enough many netizens agreed to the observations of the concerned Facebook user. Others sympathized with the lady inside the jeepney. Some even shared their own experiences about bullies and fat shaming. Luckily, there are others who also feel tired of the backward mindset our society has towards curvy individuals. Here are some of their comments.

Source: Facebook
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