Sue Ramirez admits she can’t spend as much time with her mom as before

We Filipinos are known for being family oriented. A majority of the youth stay at their family home until for at least a couple of years into adulthood. Some find it difficult to separate from their parents. These young adults are used to that sense of security knowing that their parents will always be around. When actress Sue Ramirez moved out of her family home, she knew who she would be missing the most, her mother.

The young actress recently revealed in an ABS-CBN interview that she no longer spends as much time with her mom as she did before.

‘Di ko na maibigay iyong oras na kaya kong ibigay sa kanya before’

Sue moved out of her family home to live in Quezon City. The actress told beloved host Boy Abunda that work prompted her to start living independently. Sadly, her busy schedule gets in the way of her and her mom’s precious bonding time.

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Sue admitted to having a very close relationship with her mother. The actress revealed that prior to her move, they even shared the same room. She divulged how much she misses spending time with her as her eyes welled up in tears.

The Kapamilya actress shared that she now tries to make up for it by spending as much time as she can with her mom whenever she’s free. Furthermore, she invites her to visit every chance.

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Sue Ramirez is known for being vocal about her feelings. Recently, she addressed controversies about her gender identity when an influx of people started questioning it following her recent hairstyle change. The actress didn’t hold back from posting her thoughts on Twitter and called out other people for criticizing her bold hair move.

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