Is Marvel going to sue GMA for allegedly copying ‘Thor’?

GMA Network has a new show cooking up for their viewers called “Victor Magtanggol” starring Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and his fans are excited to watch it on the small screen. Previews showed its Nordic-inspired costume designs and art decoration to the public and fans are buzzing about how it is set to give some quality television entertainment ala Marvel.

However, fanatics of the Marvel Cinematic Extended Universe noticed that the show has some similarities to the Thor movie franchise starring Chris Hemsworth and they are not happy about it.

A certain Earl Andersen messaged the Marvel Philippines regarding the alleged copying of GMA Network of the Thor movies.

“I just want to let you know that one of the major tv network (GMA Network) in the Philippines copied the story and concept of Thor. I want you to file a case against GMA Network. The title of GMA Network upcoming series is Victor Magtanggol. Do some actions right now and consult your lawyers about it. Copyright is a form of intellectual property, your property stolen by GMA Network,” he messaged the Marvel Philippines in their official Facebook page.

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Marvel Philippines replied that they will take note of the matter. After that, speculations surfaced that Marvel Studios will file a lawsuit against GMA Network for copying some elements from their movie.

However, Marvel Philippines quickly clarified on their Facebook page that those speculations are far from the truth.

In their statement, Marvel Philippines said that they have no direct affiliation with Marvel Studios, its entertainment division, and the like.

“The page was created to build an avenue for Filipino Marvel fans to interact with each other. The page is also NON-PROFIT — and we’d like to keep it that way, forever. In line with this, we are NOT suing anyone, and we have no future intentions to do so. This is FAKE NEWS,” the statement read.

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GMA Network is still on the production of “Victor Magtanggol” despite the criticisms and allegations of copying Marvel cinemas.

Are you excited to watch ‘Victor Magtanggol” or do you want GMA Network to cancel this show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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