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Raffy Tulfo’s eldest daughter Mar grants 26 wishes of netizens in celebration of her 26th birthday tomorrow

Instead of receiving special gifts on her 26th birthday, Maricel “Mar” Tulfo, eldest daughter of broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo decided to share her blessings to the people in need. Mar who is going to celebrate her 26th birthday tomorrow, July 2, decided to change the usual birthday tradition and granted the wonderful wishes of 26 random people who sent her messages on Facebook. For the purpose of making her birthday meaningful, Mar opted to share her blessings with the less-fortunate.

On the video uploaded by Facebook page Raffy Tulfo in Action, the proud daddy shared how his daughter and son Ralph surprised him.

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On June 27, Mar chronicled how she granted the 26th wish. She wrote:

26TH WISH GRANTED. I’m so happy that I was able to grant all these wonderful wishes. I promise to do more every year. Sharing my blessings is making me work harder to help more people who are in need. A big thank you to everyone who wished, couldn’t have done it without you guys! In a few days, I’ll be turning 26. And honestly, there’s no better gift than this”

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With that in mind, it’s safe to say that Mar inherited her father’s kindness and generosity to help other people. Just like her dad, the 25-year-old daughter of Raffy Tulfo is a certified public servant.


Watch Mar’s 26 blessings video here:


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