Bookworm left heartbroken after termites ate most of her collection

For us book lovers, these rims of paper aren’t just like any other reading materials. Books are beyond magical. They can take us to places we have never been before, meet amazing characters we could never possibly meet in real life, and feel as if we are part of something big. We were with Harry when Hagrid handed him his Hogwarts’ letter, we were with Katniss when she volunteered as tribute, we were with Frodo when he left the Shire for the first time. Books help experience a world we can’t find in reality.

So we felt the anguish of one Facebook user when she posted her now withering book collection.

Dorcas Kyla Aguayo turned to the social media site to share the heart-breaking and gut-wrenching state of her books after a month of her being away.

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“Lost 70% of my books (around 70-80 books) I collected over the years. I was away for most of May, and di ko na notice na inanay na pala ang bookshelf ko.”

Unlike in most cases, the termite attack on her books wasn’t just a small one. As seen on her photos, almost all pages were eaten, leaving only the spine of the books.

“‘Okay lang yan, nabasa mo na man rin lahat.’ Yes, I may have read most of them but the nostalgic feeling I get whenever I touch the spines of my books…’s just gone. Lost. Empty.”

We feel your pain, sister.

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According to Kyla, maybe it was books’ way of punishing her since she wasn’t able to read as much as she used to since entering college.

Moving on from such terrible loss, she will once again start collecting books and hopefully rebuild the family she lost.

So to other book collectors out there, make sure to check on your books once in a while, okay?

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