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Spanish construction workers dig up rare Roman jars containing treasure

What are the chances of simple construction workers stumbling upon Roman treasure? Well, in the 17th of August last year, this was the exact scenario that happened in Seville, Spain. These men had to stop whatever operations they were doing because they felt that their machines hit something foreign.

The puzzled construction workers wanted to know what caused the delay. So, they started digging and made a surprising discovery. They unearthed dozens of ancient-looking jars. To top this amazing discovery off, these historical artifacts contained ancient treasure!

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Some of the jars, called “amphoras” were broken open because of the contact with the heavy machinery. Earlier civilizations used these jars to carry around goods in the ancient world – from liquid to solid goods. Likewise, these ancient jars were all filled with ancient Roman coins.

These valuable artifacts spilled out of the amphoras, much to the Spanish workers’ delight. It’s rare that we get to randomly encounter thrilling discoveries like this. There were 19 clay-like jars in total.

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Lola Vallejo, the urban councilor of one of Seville’s municipalities, told the media that the machinery “hit against something that wasn’t normal for this soil.” As soon as this happened, the men stopped and checked to see what happened.

“The workers immediately stopped, and soon discovered that there were many coins there, inside broken amphoras.”

These bronze coins weighed about 1,300 pounds and they were dated to around the third or fourth century. The Amphoras were too heavy to carry by one man alone because of the weight of the treasure.

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