A seemingly ordinary cave discovered in England might be connected with the Knights Templar

It’s always exciting to stumble upon a seemingly ordinary place only to find out that it bears great significance. Whether they bear treasure or connect us to famous figures of the past, it’s thrilling to discover these locations. Shropshire, England was surprised to find a seemingly ordinary cave in a random field that may be tied to the infamous Knights Templar.

Upon further investigation, it seems like what they found was actually a network of caves. People named it Caynton Caves and it has definitely generated online buzz. However, we still don’t know its real purpose.

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Most people believe that the Knights Templar created these caves back in the 17th century. As usual, the main theory is that the famous order used this place as a secret room for their meetings. A quick history on Knights Templar will tell you that they are a Catholic military order, one of the most powerful and wealthiest in existence.

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But apart from this theory, there are also those who think that Caynton Caves is only a “Victorian folly.” These were buildings that served no real purpose other than to show off one’s wealth and status. Historic England, the “public body that protects and maintains England’s historic environment,” said that they found “neo-Norman architectural features.”

Likewise, this theory might prove that Caynton Caves only served an ornamental purpose back in the Victorian Era. However, there is no real confirmation yet. Who knows, maybe it had existed back in the 11th century and was only reused centuries later?

Finally, here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the discovery:

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