John Lloyd Cruz curses news sites that spread fake news about the birth of his child

John Lloyd Cruz is not happy with all the rumors and controversies surrounding him lately. Ever since we heard about his budding romance with Ellen Adarna, the media has been on their tails. The couple has been great at hiding their love story in the country so naturally, everyone’s itching to know the real score.

We’ve seen pictures of John Lloyd Cruz accompanying a heavily pregnant Ellen Adarna to the hospital. But some are claiming that the actress has already given birth and that the couple already baptized their newborn child.

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However, the reply that the seasoned actor posted on Instagram shows us that this may not be the case. Most of his fans know that John Lloyd goes by the handle [at]ekomsi on Instagram. His recent post contained a screenshot of a headline released by a  popular news site.

It said:

“Ellen Adarna got her son baptized and the hospital security was extra tight.”

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The actor was not pleased by this. His Instagram caption shared how he truly felt about the news surrounding Ellen and their child.

“[redacted] FAKE NEWS.”

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