Netizen asks fellow users to help old woman who sells puto

Admittedly, Facebook has its own negative and seemingly terrible posts. But gladly, there are still a number of netizens who use the social media site for good.

A couple of days ago, a Facebook post about an old vendor made waves on the website. According to the Matalinong Matsing‘s post, the sender of the story felt bad for the elderly who is evidently suffering from back problems.

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But despite her old age and apparent heath condition, the woman continues to roam the streets carrying big baskets of glutenous rice delicacy, “puto“. At the crack of dawn, the street vendor sets foot on the road with her big baskets of goods in tow. It turns out that the money she earns on a daily basis goes to her two grandchildren.

“Napakasipag naman ni nanay talaga kasi nagtitinda po siya ng puto tuwing madalingaraw. Kahit na po ganyan na ang katawan nya ay gumagawa pa rin ng paraan para buhayin nya ang dalawang apo nya na iniwan ng anak nya sa kanya.”

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So to help her, the Facebook user decided to hand “nanay” a 100-peso bill. Thinking that the kindhearted netizen was buying puto, the vendor readied three bags of the snack. But the social media user turned her down and handed the money in exchange for nothing.

“Binigyan ko na lang ng 100 pesos at sabay bigay niya sa akin ang 3 plastic na puto, sinabi ko ‘huwag na ‘nay tinda mo na lang yan pandagdag sa kita niyo at pagtiyagaan mo nalang ‘yan dahil yan lang ang laman ng wallet ko’.”

The netizen then urged others to buy from the old woman in case they come across her on the streets.

The post has now gone viral with more than 32,000 shares and 10,000 reactions. Read some of the comments below:

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Read the full post below:


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