Patricia Javier falls victim to thieves who stole valuables from her car

Metro Manila may be a bustling city filled with interesting people and tasty restaurants, however, like any other city, danger lurks in every dark corner. There are all sorts of dangerous and evil people running around, waiting for a chance to strike. Recently, actress Patricia Javier thought that it was safe to leave her car unattended since it was safely parked.

Some might say that leaving your car unattended is certainly not a good idea. However, once we stop and really think about it, most car owners do this on a daily basis. So, it was disheartening to discover that her vehicle was targeted by these bad guys.

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ABS-CBN’s official Twitter account reported about the incident last Sunday, July 1. They provided a picture of Patricia Javier beside her gray SUV while she was on the phone. Reports say that the actress’ car door was destroyed and all the valuables inside the vehicle were taken away.

The headline read:

“Pintuan ng SUV ng aktres na si Patricia Javier, binasag; mga pera at alahas, natangay”

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Looking at the silver lining, it was a relief that Patricia wasn’t inside the vehicle when the robbery occurred. But some netizens decided to use this as an opportunity to criticize President Rodrigo Duterte who promised to eradicate all crime in the country.

People are hating on the alleged lack of results that the Duterte administration is showing. While there are those who chastised the actress for leaving valuable belongings inside her car that may have attracted the car thieves.

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Source: ABS-CBN
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