FIFA: Team Japan loses match with Belgium but wins peoples’ admiration and respect

Football or ‘soccer’ is one of the most popular sports worldwide – with literal millions of fans passionately supporting their favorite teams. This is why the FIFA World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. Recently, Team Japan made headlines all over the world after showing grace, class and dignity after their loss.

It was Japan vs. Belgium with the former taking an early 0-2 lead on July 2. However the match ended with a score 3-2 led by Belgium.

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Naturally, the Japanese supporters were devastated by this loss. However, despite the agonizing defeat, Team Japan made headlines after showing what a true sport they were.

Japan is known for having a very polite and disciplined culture. As a result, Japanese fans were seen cleaning up after themselves despite being defeated. Likewise, the football team followed suit following their loss to Belgium.

The Japanese players also showed how responsible and respectful they were  by tidying up their own locker rooms. They even left a note that says “thank you” in Russian.

They may still be heartbroken over the results of the match, but they accepted the outcome with dignity and true sportsmanship.

Japan stayed humble and thus they earned the respect of the people they fought against as well football fans from all over the world.

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In sports, there will always be losers and winners. Yet true sportsmanship is the foundation of all competitions – to earn your rival’s respect, to win with humility and lose with grace.

Here’s what netizens had to say about this amazing story.

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