Xander Ford is tired and fed up with the harsh opinions thrown at him

If you are a celebrity, then you’re expected to stay calm despite being lambasted by thousands of people. It’s also pitiful since they can’t react in the way that they want to because they’re public figures. However, these people can only put up a strong, calm front for so long. Case in point – Xander Ford cried in a viral video due to the criticisms he received.

The pseudo-celebrity felt very overwhelmed by the amount of insults thrown at him. We aren’t sure if this rant started because of a painful heartbreak. But it’s certain that this small issue developed into something big which caused Xander Ford to cry.

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Many netizens weren’t impressed and said that it was all an act. There are those who said that it would be better if the young man just ended his life. Even if you aren’t a fan of Xander, who can be infuriating at times, we can all agree that the previous statement is too much.

Xander said that the women who judged and hurt him made him feel very small. He would give his all to people who matter to him but he’s fed up with everyone causing him pain. Another man took over the video explained that Xander felt exhausted by all the hate.

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Xander’s friend even shared that the young man is tired of living his life because of unbelievable people who only know how to spread hate. Let’s hope that everything we’ve heard here, even if it isn’t genuine or real, will be food for thought.

There’s no reason to live life without love and positivity. We should remember that we are all humans deserving of respect and decency.

Watch the viral video here:

Yown una salahat sorry Xander Arizala pinost ko ito hindi dahil para mag papansin ako, kasi sa totoo lang naawa kasi ako sa mga tulad natin bess xander na totoo hindi impokreto tulad ng dito, gusto ko lang linawin na lalaki yan hindi basta llki lng tulad ng jowa mo, nakaya mong gaguhin kasi ganuon din sya sayo, sa totoo lang wala ng lalaking seryoso at kayng iyakan yung mga katulad nyo, ito yung klase ng lalaki na laitin na sya at bugbugin, wag lng masira yun dangal na meron sya, uulotin ko "dangal" kaya respeto nalang sana natin sya hindi ako. Sa nakikisali pero i feel not complete becuase my teeth is not complete😂 charot yun lang sana yung akin haha bala na kayo sa sarile nyo😇Ccto

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Here are some of the netizens’ comments regarding the video:

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