Yeng and other ASAP singers made fun of their Uber driver

Nowadays, we can see a lot of celebrities not just on the television but also on YouTube.

A site where they upload videos of themselves just doing random things and being real.

Thankfully, vlogs were made for us to see how these famous people really act when they are just living their lives outside of the limelight.

Pop-rock princess, Yeng Constantino started doing this when she made her account in 2011.

In her latest post, she vlog about her trip in Hawaii together with her co-singers on ASAP.

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The video started with her waking up in her hotel room and already troubled about how she is going to sleep again for the night.

She got out and went outside the lobby to look for her companions,

Filipino fans then came through and ask for pictures taken with her which she humbly agreed with.

After that, she found the other artist waiting for her including Erik Santos and KZ Tandingan. Upon seeing each other, they all joked about how no one in their group took a shower.

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But all the real fun begins when they booked an Uber going to the Japanese restaurant they’re about to eat at. The driver turns out to be a Filipino as well.

On the ride to their destination, the driver told them that ASAP will do a show in Hawaii,

unaware of whom he was talking to.

The singers then made fun of the driver and started asking questions about themselves.

But the driver didn’t know every one of them and says that his wife is the one who is a fan of the show.

When asked if he knows who KZ Tandingan is he said no, the singer then reacted saying, “Pwede po ba mag-cancel po?” and laughs.

Erik then asked for a picture with the driver and told him to tell his wife that they are all going to watch the show of ASAP.


The singers also made fun of their own songs changing its title and lyrics.

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KZ then joke about Moira saying, “Sir pakinggan niyo din po yung Moira ah, sobrang, sobrang bait po nun sir. Kahit anong gawin niyo sir sasabihin lang sa inyo ‘Pasensya na po’” relating to her popular song “Malaya”.

Upon reaching the restaurant, they asked the Uber driver if they could take the picture with them.

That’s when the driver found out that his passengers are the artists they’re talking about.

He was surprised and was very happy with how everything turned out.

The vlog ended with the singers thanking KZ for treating them all the food they’ve eaten and get back to their hotel rooms.

Viewers of the video find it really funny and thanking Yeng for showing how enjoyable they are all together behind the screens of a television.

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