Mariel Rodriguez saves “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contender from wardrobe malfunction

A potentially untoward incident involving a “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contestant averted on “It’s Showtime” Tuesday, June 3, after Mindanao contender Rhea Alondra Velarde suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Hosts Mariel Rodriguez and Vice Ganda are about to interview Velarde when they caught the latter fixing her dress. Confused, the “Unkabogable Star” asked the contestant whether she feels vomiting. Consequently, Mariel told the co-host that Velarde is just trying to fix something. Noticing this, Mariel immediately ran towards her, covering her while they were on stage to help fix the dress.

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She exclaimed:

Sige gawin mo na. Ayan gawin mo. Ang lapad ko, natatakpan kita.” 

As expected, Mariel Rodriguez gained commendation from the netizens for her instant reaction to help the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contestant who suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

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Meanwhile, Vice Ganda similarly paced towards the contender to help, joking:

Wag kasing magsusuot ng medium na damit kung triple extra small ka.” 

In addition, he likened the Mindanao contender to former  “Miss Q and A” contestant Marigona Dona Dragusha,  well-known for being thin.

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During the interview, Mariel and Vice Ganda tried to make Velarde comfortable by asking her whether she eats healthy food.

As a matter of record, this is not the first time that such mishap happened on the show. As a matter of fact, “It’s Showtime” has become known for its spontaneity that allows their mainstay hosts to deal with broken props and wardrobe malfunctions with refreshing candor. Usually, such situation happens during live program, which left the hosts with no choice but to go off script when entertaining candid moments occur.



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