Matteo Guidecelli and Sarah Geronimo have a “kilig moment” on Avel x Matteo Fashion Show

Seeing a beefcake stripping down to his skivvies is definitely a heart-racing situation for a woman and “woman-at-heart”.

Recently, a shirtless Kapamilya hunk actor Matteo Guidecelli sends the audience into a cheesy meltdown during the Avel x Matteo Fashion Show. Little did we know, Sarah Geronimo is also present in the aforementioned fashion show to support her celebrity boyfriend.

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Based on the circulating video on social media, the avid supporters of the celebrity power couple are having a super “kilig moment” with each other. As seen in the viral video on online, the 28-year-old celebrity and fitness enthusiast throws his shirt towards the Popstar Royalty while walking on the fashion show.

As a result, you could definitely hear the audience squealing towards the rare swoon-worthy moment of the celebrity power couple. In fact, you could also suggest from the published footage that Sarah Geronimo giggled upon receiving the white shirt from Matteo Guidecelli.

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In case you’re unaware, the “Bagani” actor is now venturing into the world of fashion. Based on his Instagram post, he revealed that he recently teamed up with the renowned fashion designer Avel Bacudio for a jeans line.

“After a year of planning and creating, now it’s time for you to have a pair of Avel x Matteo jeans.This will be my first time to venture into the fashion industry and I’m privileged to do it with Avel Bacudio. I’m passionate and in love with ripped jeans and I can’t wait to share it with you!”

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In case you want to watch what happened, you can watch it below!

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