Find out the real story behind the lighting striking a river video

Undeniably, the world is a strange place. No matter how long we may have roamed in this planet, it never fails to amaze us with it’s wonders. A couple of years ago, a video of a lightning striking a river went viral. immediately, social media users went nuts with the explosion it caused. The video became a worldwide sensation, having viewed and shared millions of times.

But as we all know, not everything on the internet is real. Remember that time when we all wept after seeing a photo of an antelope being eaten by two cheetahs? Well, it turns out that they were just playing and was raised in captivity, together!

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Same goes for this video. According to the YouTube channel called GabeHashTV, the lightning in the said video wasn’t really a lightning. It was obvious since the bolt of electricity did came from the ground instead of the sky.

But the video wasn’t edited either. Some form of electricity really did hit the waters, but it wasn’t natural. It was man-made.

The video was originally posted way back in 2012 by a certain Rannikon Merityo. The Finnish national Merityo turns out to be a head in a water engineering company. Furthermore, the original video was posted under the caption, “drilling platform, Part 3: explosion”.

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So in short, the video was just an experiment or a procedure purposely done by the company. It was nothing near to the real deal.

Although, I can bet that the water was still as dangerous. And the explosion is still very much fun to watch!

Make sure to watch it down below:

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