Solenn Huesaff rips her husband Nico Bolzico’s hair on camera

People know Nico Bolzico as the prankster husband of Solenn Huessaff. However, the tables seem to have turned when Solenn made fun of Nico in her last Instagram video.

The video Solenn posted showed a three-minute clip of her taking off sports tape from Nico’s ankles. She knows full well that her husband has hairy legs so ripping of the tape from his skin comes with a more painful consequence. As of writing, the celebrity “it girl” has deleted the video on her page.

In an attempt to make things more bearable for Nico, she poured oil over the taped area in order for it to be slide of his skin easily. However, the oil didn’t seem to help as he still screamed out in pain.

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Solenn wrote on Instagram that Nico taped his ankle for a football game. Apparently, he forgot that taking it off would be extremely painful as he had so much hair on his leg.

“when men are babies. nico taped his ankle for football, like an idiot forgot he had man hair and it took us over 15 mins to get the entire thing off with oil. obviously im more into my Magniflex matress than into his rant haha.”

The couple’s social media followers know them for posting funny photos and videos about each other. Solenn even shared on her Instagram stories a photo of her husband butt-naked in the kitchen.

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The couple married in 2016 with a wonderful ceremony in France. The couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary this April.

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