A Father stitches rainbow flags for his gay son

It is that time of the year!

Every year, thousands of members of the LGBTQ Community unite and march against the inequality, discrimination, and stigma their community receives. It is their way of celebrating their gender identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. They dedicate the whole month of June every year in sharing awareness and they call it the Pride Month.

Along with this is the Pride March that happens every last day of the said month. The march is not limited to only the members of the LGBTQ Community, but also open to those people who share the same advocacy as theirs.This year’s Pride March took place in Marikina City.


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A lot of people who participate in the march also cross-dresses as a way of expressing and embracing their sexuality and identity.

Ryan Quimpo, one of the proud members of the community, also took part of this celebration. He shared his most memorable experience from that day. He knows that his father has not accepted his sexuality and identity yet. So when his father offered to stitch his rainbow flags that he will use for the Pride March for him, Ryan and his sibling, Rhea Mae, was surprised by the gesture.


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Ryan shared this story on his Instagram account with the caption:

“Sumabay sa Pride March ang graduation namin sa isang palihan ng pagsusulat. Kaya bilang pakikiisa , naisipan naming maging theme ay Graduation Pride March . Nagpatahi ako ng mga flags ng rainbow. Sabi ko sa tatay ko na pagdugtungin ang mga flags para sa entrada namin sa graduation. Walang sabi-sabi ay kumuha ng karayom at sinulid ang erpat ko; at buong siglang tinahi para magdugtong mga flags. Bakla ako at siya ang tatay ko.”

He could not contain the happiness he felt at the gesture that his father made. There might not be words said, but his father’s actions tell us that he now fully accepts what Ryan has become.

In an interview, his sister, Rhea, shared how resistant their father was about the sexuality of her brother. She said that both of their parents were very much against about his brother’s gender identity. She even noted that their youngest brother has also became a gay and chose to hid his identity because he had seen how his parents reacted when their brother revealed that he was gay.

Rhea added, “I guess my dad saw him as a good kid. Dad used to be a tricycle driver. When my brother got his first job, he told him to stop working and he’d take care of him.” She further stressed that his brother, Ryan, grew up as a good person and that their father was really proud of what he had become.


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