Gina Magat to Rina Navarro: “Karma is slowly consuming her.”

“I guess, Karma is slowly consuming her.” This was Gina Magat’s standpoint towards the saga involving Rina Navarro and Ara Mina.

Earlier, media outlets were shaken by Rina’s crying foul over the actress’ illicit affair with her fiancé, Undersecretary Dave Almarinez. Since then, the Cinema Evaluation Board member began being showered with overwhelming support from online users given that she’s the victim in this ruckus.

Is she?

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For Gina, an IT school center manager, Rina shouldn’t act as if she’s the injured party in this whole scuffle. Just recently, she sent a private message to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), stating that what has happened to Rina was the same thing that she did in the past.

“What happened to Rina Navarro was the same scenario I had 5 years ago. That girl, Rina, had an affair with my fiancé and [I] just gave birth that time. I guess Karma is slowly consuming her. Tell her to stop acting like a victim. Her IG post was moving, but it won’t erase the fact that she did the same way to me like Ara Mina.”

In a personal talk with the PEP team, Gina narrated how Rina allegedly ruined her supposed wedding with her fiancé in the past. The center manager added that she and her ex-partner even had a three-month-old child back then.

“Yung nakikita ko yung mga articles at mga interviews, yun nga, nanggigigil ako. Parang, di ba… siyang-siya yun, e, yung mga ibinibintang niya, siya yun, e. Alam mo, kahit magharap kami, takot [siya] sa akin, swear. So, parang naiinis lang ako na, ‘Paano ka makakapagsalita ng ganyan, e, ginawa mo nga iyan sa akin, e.’”

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Gina also detailed how she found out that Rina was having an affair with her former fiancé. What was even baffling was that she and Rina became pals after coming across with the truth that they were wrecking a home.

“Yung ex-fiancé ko was meeting Rina for business purposes. But later on, I found out that they were having an affair when I accidentally saw them in Gerry’s Grill, ABS-CBN. They were having dinner and there was a little confrontation, but not scandalous.”

She went on.

“So, pinuntahan ko sila dun, then I met her. And then, sabi ko dun sa ex ko, ‘Akala ko magmi-meeting ka about office, about work?’ Tapos, I asked her na, ‘Is this a meeting?’ I noticed then na ang close nila. ‘Tapos parang may physical contact, like, nag-lean sa balikat siya [Rina]. Tapos the way they talked, sobrang close yung face nila, kasi magkatabi sila. Tapos sabi niya, ‘We’re just friends.’ Gumanun siya, ‘We’re just close.’”

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Gina and her fiancé stopped communicating then and that the latter also didn’t go home anymore. The next thing she discovered was that he and Rina rented a condo unit somewhere in Quezon City.

Eventually, Rina and Gina’s fiancé put a lid on their connection. Unfortunately, that was just for show. The two didn’t stop emailing each other. Finally, in 2016, Gina and her ex called off the wedding.

“Well, I admit, until now, I have nothing but hatred for that woman. As in ano, kasi yung effect niya before sa buhay ko, sobra. Sobra. Lahat naapektuhan, e. Yun yung bagay na hindi mo makakalimutan kasi she never asked for forgiveness. Ang dating parang naagawan, awang-awa siya… Yung every day para siyang namamatay? That was the same feeling I had nung ginawa niya sa akin yun.”

See how netizens reacted to Gina’s statements.

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