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Jameson Blake receives backlash over problematic tweet about graphic designers

Giving a shoutout to an artist on social media instead of paying them for their labor isn’t right. Too bad that’s not how Jameson Blake saw things.

Recently, the 21-year-old Hashtags member asked graphic designers to make him a banner for LucidExpress in exchange for a shoutout. That’s right, this guy wanted you to work for him without pay.

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According to his tweet, Jameson was ready and willing to give a shoutout to the graphic designer who submitted the best design. Completely oblivious to the ridiculousness of his request, the Hashtags member was bombarded with backlash soon after his controversial tweet went viral.

Woke netizens immediately fired shots at Jameson Blake. They argued that graphic designers — and all artists, in fact — should be paid for their labor. Moreover, these social media users also pointed out that making art isn’t as easy as most people believe it to be.

Instead of admitting to his mistake, Jameson Blake doubled down on his words, saying he doesn’t need the artwork to be “mind-blowing.” This kept the argument going on for a little bit longer than it should have.

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Eventually, Jameson Blake realized the error of his ways and deleted his problematic tweet.

Let’s hope this serves as a lesson to him and to everyone else — pay people for their work, no matter their profession.

In case you wanted to read the now-deleted thread on Twitter, check out the screenshots below.

Here are the comments from netizens.

Source: Facebook | FHM
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