FDCP chair Liza Diño received criticism after wearing a face mask during a meeting

No matter which way we put it, government officials are expected to be professional. They are the chosen representatives of the country so proper decorum is always expected of them. Sadly, FDCP chair Liza Diño recently failed to meet these expectations and is now heavily criticized for her seemingly innocent actions.

We all know how it feels when our responsibilities become too burdensome. All we wish for is a chance to relax and de-stress. For most women, the best trick to calm down is to take care of themselves.

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In an effort to multi-task, FDCP chair Liza Diño went to a meeting while wearing a face mask sheet. She was sitting comfortably in her chair with her feet up while listening to the words of a man named Jo Andrew.

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But netizens weren’t happy with what she did. Some remarked that Liza’s actions were “unprofessional” and that she should be more conscious of her position in the government.

Liza tried to defend herself by posting this reply:


But the same Twitter user that she was targeting had the final word.

“There are those of us not impressed by this particular stunt. These thoughts are based on the photos and captions.”

Even Sen. Ping Lacson joined in on the discussion:

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the story:

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