A new love story that features the modern prince “Plane Bae”

Love is definitely in the air with this modern romance who features a new internet heartthrob known as Plane Bae.

Somehow, we all played Cupid in someone’s love life.

We pair them with whom we think is going to be their match-made in heaven.

In this trending fairy tale, our Cupid is Netizen Rosey Blair

Who documented a love story of two strangers who met on the plane, all thanks to her.

She tweeted,

Rosey might have a tongue of a fairy godmother after all.

Upon changing their seats, the girl found her new seatmate and a possible soul mate as well.

They hadn’t stopped talking since then and eventually found out their similarities like having a personal trainer and being a vegetarian.

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Surely, this too could be a fitness couple that everyone would love to see.

As Rosey was watching the two get along with each other, she saw the hand of the guy who doesn’t have a ring on its fingers meaning that he is still single which gives more chances for the two to really end up being together.

The conversation between the two continued as Rosey noticed how their arms got closer to each other.

And what is a romantic fairytale without a cute character to balance all the sweetness right?

Luckily, that spot was also taken on this story too.

They exchange waves with this adorable baby making the moment much more interesting.

Rosey described the girl to be really pretty and the guy to be a hunk giving as a clue why people called him “Plane Bae”.

And she and her boyfriend are both excited to see what happens next for this new pair to look out for.

The girl went to the bathroom and came back looking more attractive.

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She asked for some fitness tips and discovered that she was sitting next to a guy who used to be a pro soccer player.

Their talk has gotten more serious and she then showed her family photos to the guy.

So serious that it led to going to the bathroom together and came back talking about each other’s future with marriage and kids.

Rosey definitely succeeded in matching these two strangers as she saw them together got off the plane still looking interested with each other.

Later on, the guy was named Euan Holden and now has the title of being the “Plane Bae”

after he retweeted the whole thread.

It can be seen on his Instagram account a photo of himself, which he uploaded with a sweet caption relating to the love story he had on the plane.

Euan accepted the title and even proudly put it on his bio in Instagram.

When asked about the girl he sat next to on the plane, Euan just responds on how beautiful he thinks she is.

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However, the girl wishes to remain her image in private.

Still, a lot of people are hoping they will end up with each other and finally having a happy ever after.

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